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Kudos to you creating the Life of Krishna.. Not just a game. But learning about life, history, characters through games. Super-fast.. innovative.. Super-fun.. and yet so simple.. Gurucool is supercool
- Salonee Jain, Mumbai 

Very Original... innovative..It's a very cool gift to children & a powerful tool of bonding for the whole family. I am amazed by this game & I strongly recommend it is an invaluable gift on Krishna to children. 

- Swami Mitrananda, Chinmaya Mission Chennai

Their products are quite creative and at the same time interesting for kids to learn stories behind Hindu Gods through fun games 

- Venkatesh, Bangalore

Guys, I haven't seen anything as original as Gurucool. Interesting, innovative, engaging games are such rarity and such games that also reflect Indian culture/ tells a story is something unheard of. Wishing team Gurucool all the success !

Are you heading to a kids birthday party and wondering what gift to buy.? well, stop wondering and start buying Gurucools products 

- Sivaraman, Detroit US

First of all, I’m in love with the name! A modern and trendy wordplay of the “Gurukhul” concept. Instantly, you know what to expect. The “Life of Krishna” just proves the same. It adds fun and excitement to the whole story telling process, which makes it even more engaging and interesting for us to learn. As one of those guys, who experienced this game from start to end, I give it a double thumbs up (one for each part)

- Venkataraman Murali, Chennai

This is like an idea godown place. Simple games which you would play just looking for accuracy and fun but here the same game teaches your kid with something really good!!! Just for an instance, I saw a game where good things and bad things are written on a box and the kid is given a ball to knock down the bad things. Sounds simple but educates !!

Try it out and you would know!!

- Sabarish Kannan, Chennai


What better way than games to teach today’s generation about Lord Krishna! Well planned and made, the Krishna games keep children engaged while teaching important lessons too. As an adult I enjoyed playing the games as much as the kids did! Waiting for Gurucool to come up with more innovative things 😊

-Swati Chitalia Kaka, Mumbai 

What better way to learn about Lord Krishna than through fun and games. Gurucool Games are one of a kind. They keep kids deeply engrossed and keep your fear of too much gadget use at bay. Games are perfectly created to learn about life of Krishna.. Highly Recommended!! 

-Khushboo Asrani, Chennai

In this time and age where there are plenty of games (with no values to learn from)to choose from, Gurucool's Life of Krishna not only tells the story of Krishna through the various exciting games in the box but values that a child could emulate. Learning of values does become child's play with Gurucool games. 

-Chakradhar Mukkala, New Zealand

So many games! I want to go back to my 8 years and play with my team. Love to play kaliya, hit kamsa with chakra.  Want to do all "do it yourself". Love both the gameboards so much. Looks attractive. Love the stories more than that.
"Life of Krishna" both desi and trendy. 

- Saraswathi Narayanan, Chennai