Life of Krishna (Part 2)


Travel hand in hand with Krishna through his magical world of lovely adventures

Stories from little Krishna’s life are weaved into a journey on the game board. Each player chooses his/her Krishna feet coin to travel through the life of Krishna. Stealing butter from the Gopi's homes with the help of other Gopa boys, chilling with his pet cows in the grasslands of Vrindavan, mesmerising the Gopis with his melodious flute music, dancing gracefully atop the arrogant Kaliya, outwitting all demons that were sent to kill him & finally defeating Kamsa himself to save everyone from his terror... lets go through the roller coaster of little Krishna's life & learn our life lessons.

Be it tough or easy situations, tense or fun moments, Krishna did not lose his sweet smile. Hop onto the board, roll the dice and experience little Krishna's life - remember to Keep Smiling ! Earn OM points at every level- the one with the maximum OM points wins game & is crowned the Golden Crown after defeating Kamsa. 

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Dahi Handi - Aim. Shoot. Enjoy.


Krishna & his Gopa friends loved butter. But the Gopi aunties never used to share their butter – the result of their hard work. To hide the butter from these boys, they would hang the butter pots high from the ceiling. But nothing kept Krishna away.

Butter is like the pure mind after churning the knowledge again & again. All we have to do is to make the mind pure & hand it outside – Krishna will steal it away.

Chill with the cows


Krishna belongs to the Yadhava clan– they herd cows, take care of them, take milk & churn into butter. So Krishna’s most favorite pastime was to chill with the cows in the grasslands of Vrindavan. Hence he got the name Gopala – caretaker of cows. 

Cows are considered to be very sacred animals in our culture as they give more than what they take. So we pray to GoMata. 

Flute & Freeze


The flute is just a simple, hollow piece of bamboo. But when in Krishna’s hands, it allows the beautiful music to be created by him without any resistance. 

When we remove the blockages in us like anger, jealousy, etc and fill ourselves with calmness, forgiveness, kindness we become an instrument in Krishna's hand and can spread happiness all around just like the flute.

Destroy Kaliya's Pride


Kaliya was the egoistic thousand hooded snake living in the bed of the Yamuna river. He was selfish and did not want to share Yamuna water with anyone else- so he poisoned it. Once when Krishna & the Gopa boys were playing on the banks of Yamuna, the ball fell inside. Krishna jumped inside, fought with Kaliya & even destroyed his pride by dancing on top of his heads. 

When we are proud, the Kaliya in us comes out. We should know to control the snake of ego & dance on its head.

Balrama Power


Balrama, is the powerful & loving brother of Krishna. Krishna & Balrama have grown up together & faced every challenge hand in hand. Balrama is said to be the Avatar of the great Adisesha (snake bed of Lord Vishnu), the protector of Lord Vishnu. When Balrama is by the side of Krishna, there is extra power. 

When you see everyone around as your brothers & sisters, you can never feel weak.

Krishna- the best buddy


Krishna was a close friend to every Gopi & Gopa. He would make everybody feel special whenever he meets them, plays with them, talks to them. He shares whatever he gets with all his friends. So all of them love & admire Krishna. They also bring gifts for Krishna whenever they meet him.

Unconditional giving makes even the Lord your friend- it doesn't matter what you give. Only the attitude of giving matters

Escape Aghasura- the sinful


Aghasura was a huge snake, who kept his mouth open as big as a cave, looking attractive & inviting for Krishna's friends to walk in. Though Krishna warned them they entered it. The mouth shut when Krishna entered & all were trapped. Krishna expanded & suffocated the snake to slay him. 

Aghasura represents sin (Paap) / what we are not supposed to do. Sin looks attractive to walk into, but it traps us once inside, with no way out. Be careful.

Govardhan Challenge


When the Vrindavanvasis usually do Pooja & many rituals towards Indra to keep him happy. Little Krishna changed their minds to pray to the cows & Govardhan mountain instead. He convinced them that the cows are their form of livelihood & hence their real wealth. Indra got angry- he sent the thunderstorms & hailstorms to Vrindavan to destroy all the land & people. Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain with his little finger & provided shade for all the Vrindavanvasis. 

Indra symbolizes our mind. Krishna says 'Don't do Pooja to the mind' - Don't say yes to everything your mind asks, instead uplift your senses (Go means senses also). 

Wrestle Kamsa's bodyguards


Kamsa was getting more & more worried that Krishna defeated all his Asura friends. So he decided to welcome them to Mathura with a wicked plan. He placed his strongest undefeated body guards - Mushtika & Chanura at the entrance. Mushtika & Chanura challenged the little boys – Krishna & Balrama to an unfair battle. Yet the brothers defeated & killed both of them. 

However unfair a battle, if you are on the side of truth you always win.

Win over Kamsa


Finally came the turn of the evil uncle Kamsa – who has been the root cause of all trouble from the beginning. The word Kamsa in Sanskrit splits as Ka: sa: - “Who is He?”(EGO). Kamsa kept searching the world outside for Krishna sending all his demons (negatives) & Krishna defeated them all. Finally Krishna slays the Ego also & liberates him.

When you direct even your enmity & negatives towards the Lord, he accepts them all & cleans you up finally.