Life of Krishna (Part 1)


Taking you into the magical world of little Krishna through lovely adventures

Get ready to ride through little Krishna's life. Snippets from the life of Krishna based on the Bhagavat Purana have been transformed into a board game. 

Born in a dark prison, wading across Yamuna river with the Adisesha as his umbrella, playing through the beautiful gardens of Gokul with his friends, effortlessly defeating demons sent to kill him, liberating some from their curses while teaching life lessons to others in a fun way... Krishna's early childhood is worth experiencing & learning from.

No matter what the circumstance be, Krishna always spread lots of happiness around him & faced every challenge with a smile ! 

Roll the dice, travel through the stories of little Krishna - every story offering a game to play and a value to learn. Earn OM points at every level- the one with the maximum OM points wins the Golden Flute & becomes Krishna.

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Engaging stories. enriching values. exciting games.

Escape the prison to freedom


In the deep dark dungeons of the evil king Kamsa was born baby Krishna. In this game, help Krishna get out of this prison without falling through the trapdoors. 

Our mind with many limitations & conditions is like the prison maze- but when divinity is born, we can easily find the way out.  

Yamuna Crossover


Little Krishna was born on a stormy & rainy night. When Vasudeva carried him outside, he saw many magical things happen- all the prison guards fell into deep sleep, the Yamuna river humbly split herself to give way for them to walk through, the Adisesha became the umbrella to protect them from rain & storm. 

We can cross all difficulties in life if we carry Krishna (noble thoughts) on our heads.

Little Krishna gets his name


Krishna reaches Gokul- home to the cheerful Gopas & Gopis. Krishna’s new home, new parents Nanda & Yashoda, the excited neighbours, & everyone under the sun are waiting to welcome Krishna into their lives with his new name… 

Learn a short & sweet Sanskrit shloka on Krishnato gain points

Don't let Putana trick you


Putana, the poisonous demoness, was sent by Kamsa to put an end to baby Krishna. She came disguised as a beautiful lady & took Krishna into her arms, everyone else got fooled but not Krishna. He found her real demonic nature behind the fake beauty. 

What you see needn't be real always. Look deeper to defeat Putana. Don’t let your eyes fool you.

Crush Trinivarta - the greedy


Trinivarta was the whirlwind who tried to carry Krishna away from his mother Yashoda. Krishna becomes heavy & crushes him.

Similarly GREED covers us in dust, blinds us and carries us away from our loved ones. Greed gives us a lot but steals away everything also. Become firm in why we want what we want. Don't get carried away. 

Balrama Power


Balrama, is the powerful & loving brother of Krishna. Krishna & Balrama have grown up together & faced every challenge hand in hand. Balrama is said to be the Avatar of the great Adisesha (snake bed of Lord Vishnu), the protector of Lord Vishnu. When Balrama is by the side of Krishna, there is extra power. 

Kick Shakatasura- the cart of negatives


At a village party, baby Krishna was sleeping & had to be kept somewhere safe. So Yashoda placed him under the cart (Shakata). She didn't know that the cart was an asura waiting to take Krishna away. But Krishna kicked the cart with a thud & broke it. 

Recognizing the negatives in us & to kick them out of our life is something we should learn from Krishna.

Fruit seller's Secret


Once when an old fruit seller saw the loving & sweet Krishna she gave him hands full of fruits not expecting anything in return. Krishna emptied a small fistful of grains into her basket. She happily left but her basket started getting heavier. That is because the little fist of grains had turned into a pile of Gold. 

When we give selflessly, without any conditions, we gain in unexpected ways.

Krishna- the best buddy


Krishna was a close friend to every Gopi & Gopa. He would make everybody feel special whenever he meets them, plays with them, talks to them. He shares whatever he gets with all his friends. So all of them love & admire Krishna. They also bring gifts for Krishna whenever they meet him.

Mischievous Krishna- Miss a turn


Little Krishna is notorious in Gokul for all his pranks on the Gopis. The Gopis love Krishna & his naughty pranks, yet complain about his mischief to Yashoda. Hearing all the complaints, Yashoda punishes little Krishna by tying him to the heavy mortar. 

Stay Alert. Liberate Kubera's sons


Once Kubera's sons were so relaxed in playing games, eating & enjoying with friends - so inalert that they didn't even notice the great sage Narada who came there as a guest. He cursed them to become trees because they behaved so. Krishna relieved them from their tree form by crawling between them with the heavy mortar Yashoda tied him to. 

Be ever alert & sensitive to everyone present around you.