Gala With ganesha


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Ride through the fun adventures of Ganesha & his cool Vahana Mooshika as you celebrate his birthday with this exciting book of games. Every page presents concepts and symbolism from Ganesh Chaturthi through fun games that can be played again & again. Through this interactive book of games, a child cherishes Ganesha as his/her best friend and mirrors the values he stands for.

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What's inside ?

Welcoming Ganesha

Welcoming Ganesha (slider)

The book starts with welcoming Ganesha & his cool Mooshika on the 4th day of Magha month with a slider

Flip-FLap Memory Game


Ganesha's big head represents a sharp intellect - we sharpen our memory power by remembering Ganesha's favorites through a quick memory game.

DIY Pooja Page


We thank Ganesha by performing Pooja - lighting lamp, decorating him with Vibhooti Kumkum & garland, saying a shloka, offering his favorite Modhak & Green Arugampul and showing Arthi.

Game of Good Deeds


Modhak represents a sweet ending to our sincere effort to improve ourselves - we learn this profound concept through a simple fun game - the Tiny Sadhana Challenge.

Visarjan race Board game


Vigneshwara places obstacles on our way, but also gives us the strength to overcome them. In this board game we take Ganesha from home to the sea by winning over obstacles and finally submerge him there.

Spotting game with Ganesha


Once he drops his form, Ganesha becomes our invisible friend. Through this hide & seek game with Ganesha kids remember Ganesha is anywhere & everywhere. 

Demo of Gala with Ganesha

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