Navaratri Knights

Defeating Tamas/Lethargy


Challenges that makes us fight Tamas or lethargy at the body, mind, intellect levels

Being Proactively Positive


Challenges that urge us to bring out our positivity & practice our virtues

Rising up to Satva/Purity


Challenges that kindle the knowledge quotient in us

Day 1 challenge - surya namaskar

Navartri Knights Day 1 challenge was aimed at defeating Tamas at the body level. Many people between 7 & 70 years of age participated beyond geographic boundaries. Thanks to all you warriors. 

Day 2 - Alertness Challenge

An alert mind is a less Tamasic mind. This was a challenge to battle Tamas at the mind level as part of Gurucool's Navaratri Knights Day 2 Challenge. Congrats to all those who tried despite the mind rebelling to do it. 

day 3 - Sharpen your memory

Good memory is a sign of a sharp intellect. Gurucool's Navaratri Knights Day 3 Challenge urges us to fight Tamas at the intellectual level. Congrats to all those who tried this challenge.

Day 5 - Show Gratitude

In Gurucool's Day 5 Navaratri Knights Challenge we invoke Dhanyalakshmi (Goddess of food) & thank the good souls who have cooked/served us good food with love & care. Congrats to Lavanya who spread positivity by showing her gratitude.