Cards Lila

What's that ?

A fun card game taking us into the world of Hindu Gods & their Vahans, accessories, weapons & instruments.

Why would it interest me ?

Is your child curious ? Have you ever wondered how to answer the simple yet thought provoking questions that he/she asks ? Did you too have interesting doubts popping in your head about Indian Gods & traditions when you were a kid ? Still searching for answers ? Well... Your wait is over...

What's inside ?

  1. 54 Playing Cards
    ( 13 Gods + 3 Matching cards for each God + 2 Om cards (Jokers) )
  2. A cool booklet the symbolism of each card & the values we can pick up from them

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3 games in 1 box

Revelations through Rummy

Do you think there can be a divine twist to a Rummy game ?
Be the first to arrange your cards into valid sets by matching Gods with their vehicles, accessories, instruments and weapons & shout out OM TAT SAT to win the game!

Yes or No

Pick a card & hold it on your forehead. Everybody else knows your card but you. Guess your card by asking Yes or No questions. Get your card it right in the least number of questions to win the game.

Act it out

This is Dumbcharades with an Indian flavour. Enact a card from the deck without speaking or making noises. If your team gets it right within the set time, you win !

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Sneak peek into our booklet

Do you want to take a look at our cool booklet explaining the symbolism of Gods & their matching cards? Give us your mail id.