What's so cool about Gurucool ?


Who are we ?

True to the name, our objective is to inspire young minds with ancient Indian wisdom in a fun way. Gurucool conceptualises and creates exciting games and activity kits for introducing positive values to children in a way they would appreciate & remember them. Let's shape young minds in a fun way! 


What do we do?

When aliens and fictionary heroes are glorified as superheroes all around, why not our own Gods? If today's kids feel Indian culture is boring, then we have not conveyed it in the dynamic way it deserves to be learnt in. Gurucool delivers Indian culture in a dynamic & interesting way.

The best part is that these games don’t preach – kids have their fun and the learning is intuitive and unconscious. 


Why us ?

The onus of passing on our ancestral treasure trove of wisdom to the current & future generations lies with the parents. We want to empowering them to perform their duty in the best possible way. 

When parents may not have the time or know-how to convey the value-rich stories of our culture & country, we do their homework partly to make it easier for them. 

How can you associate with us

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