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Innovative games to inspire kids with Indian Culture & values in a cool way

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Curiosity is Good

Wondering how to answer their simple yet tough questions ? 

We help you with that explain the profound principles in a simple child-friendly way through a fun game.

Let's nurture their curiosity.

How do I give the right answer in an interesting way?

Why not answer them through an engaging game? A game that does not preach and the learning becomes an unconscious outcome of playing it.

Still searching for answers ?

Have you had these interesting questions as a kid but dint get the answers ? Still searching for those answers ? We help interpret the symbolism behind Hindu Gods in a way that's relevant to us.

Rummy with a divine twist

Yes you read it right. How about playing a game of rummy matching Gods and their Vahanas, accessories, weapons and instruments ? Through this fast & dynamic game, kids learn about Hindu Gods & their symbolism

Free Gurucool App

The all-cool Cards Lila becomes cooler now. All you have to do is download the Gurucool app from Google Playstore for free & scan the green cards to bring them alive. Know more about our Gods and what they stand for.

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